SCRIPS Committee Members for 2014 - 2016

President                     : Nor Ak Nyawai

Deputy President        : Dionysius Richard Illai


Secretary                     : Michael Mering Jok

Deputy Secretary        : Raymond Dundang  


Treasurer                    : Bobby William

Committee Members

1. Liam Ak Rengga

2. Rainer Jimmy

3. Louis Nyagong Lenjau

4. Florence Aloysius Lisu

5. Robinson Anyie Jau

The 3 Coordinators
  • Awang Ahmad Bin Ali – Southern Zone

  • Ambun Ak Ladun – CentraL Zone

  • Michael Ding Tuah – Northern Zone


Legal Advisors
  • Paul Raja

  • Ali Basah

Adat Advisors
  • Tr. Entali ak Empin

  • Tr. Lenjau Turan

  • Tr. Jupiter Ak Segeran

  • Tr. Jadam Bin Eke



Coordinator for Women
  • Corrie Ibau


Coordinator  for Youth
  • Raymond Dundang


Special Representative of SCRIPS
  • Josie M Fernandez

The ‘Society for Rights of Indigenous People of Sarawak’ or SCRIPS is a community-based organization founded by a group of indigenous Native Customary Rights advocates who felt the need to collectively work to protect and defend the rights of indigenous people in Sarawak.
SCRIPS was officially registered under the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 22 October 2012 (PPM-
021-13-22102012). It is a community based organization committed to the cause of educating and promoting indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights in general.