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Awareness Seminar Suai-Niah Road, Mir

This seminar was held on 8 March 2014 at Rumah Jupiter Ak Segaran along the Suah-Niah Road, Miri was organized by the community in conjunction with their winning of the NCR land case at the Appeals Court in Kuching last year.

Jupiter welcomes the participants

The speakers at the seminar were Nor Ak Nyawai, the president of SCRIPS, Paul Raja, legal advisor of SCRIPS, Michael M Jok, Secretary-General of SCRIPS, Josie Fernandez, Special Representative of SCRIPS.

Paul Raja, legal advisor to SCRIPS highlights the issues and challenges in NCR to land cases

Despite the heat, participants listen with full attention

The speakers covered the following topics:

Formation of Malaysia, Constitutional Rights of all citizens, Human rights, NCR land rights of the natives and community strategies to counter NCR land encroachment, Consumer & Women’s rights.

Participants at the seminar

SCRIPS celebrated International Women’s Day with the community

In solidarity on International Women’s Day 2014

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