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Several presentations on the situation of indigenous communities in Sarawak were made at various meetings such as the Catholic Church in Shah Alam,  European Union (KL) for various EU members and embassies of US, Australia and New Zealand, Orang Asli communities in Pahang and Negeri Sembilan, and leadership training seminar for university students in Port Dickson.


A presentation on Food Security in Sarawak was made at a civil society meeting with the UN Rapporteur on Rights to Food.


SCRIPS was represented at various meetings in 2013 :

  • Community meetings h Long Pilah, Long Liam, and Orang Ulu Elders in Miri,

  • Rotary Club KL, UN independent expert on Minority issues in KL, Kuching, Norwegian Ambassador, Swedish Deputy Ambassador, Representative of British High Commission.

  • SCRIPS attended Kursus Koperasi by SKM in Bintulu and Miri.

  •  SCRIPS organized 4 NCR dinners in Bintulu, Sibu, Miri and Kuching. The objective of the NCR dinner was to unite the NCR landowners to strengthen their struggle as community of IP in Sarawak.


The Annual Report and Statement of Accounts were adopted and a resolution was passed on different categories of members.

Annual General Meeting of SCRIPS


AGM of SCRIPS was held on 1 May 2014 at Li Hua Hotel Bintulu.

The President, Nor Anak Nyawai, welcomed all members to the first AGM of SCRIPS which he said was registered by the Registrar of Societies on 22 Oct. 2012.


He thanked the members of SCRIPS for their support in making him the “Father” (Apai NCR) of Native Customary Rights to Land based on the fact he had won the first case in which the Court firmly recognized NCR land inclusive of the territorial domain of his longhouse (pemakai menua), reserved forest (pulau galau) & farmlands (temuda land).

He thanked the committee and members of SCRIPS for the many activities carried out in 2013. 


The Secretary General of SCRIPS, Michael M Jok , presented the Annual Report for year 2013.


A Summary of SCRIPS activities for 2013:

Among the activities held in 2013 were 13 Awareness Seminars on Rights, 9 leadership training programmes for community leaders in Serian, Sibu, Belaga, Baram, Bintulu, Sebauh, Tatau, Kanowit and Ulu Niah.

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